At Mad Hatter Chimney Sweep Service, we make it our personal mission to value your home and safety as much as you do.  We pride ourselves with our thoroughly educated and trained professionals who bring years of experience to your service.
We have cleaned and repaired both residential and commercial fireplaces and more throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex since 1989. You can take comfort in the benefit of our reliability and unsurpassed combined experience when you choose Mad Hatter Chimney Sweep Service.
Because we value your safety and health we follow all local, state and national recommendations of safety inspection and maintenance.  This will provide you with increased energy efficiency and cut the debris and other unhealthy particles which may be polluting your home.  Annual fireplace, air duct and dryer vent maintenance and inspection will ensure your home is healthy and safe.
We appreciate your interest in our services and would like to give you an idea of the procedures we use, as well as the benefits that air duct cleaning will provide.

THE FIRST STEP is the removal of all vent covers and registers. These are washed and sanitized.
THE SECOND STEP our technicians will vacuum and brush the entire length of the air duct system into the supply and return plenum of the air handlers until they are completely clean.
AFTERWARDS  we will repeat this process with the vacuum system alone to be completely sure all loosened debris has been removed.
OUR TECHNICIANS will take the cover of the unit off and wipe off the blower, motor and surrounding walls. They will change your filters or wash them if they are washable.
AFTER we have completed our services, there will be a substantial difference in the air quality due to the removal of the pollen, mold, spores, mildew, bacteria and dust from the system.
You will also notice your system will operate more effectively.